Episode 3

December 15, 2022


Joe Reis - #TrueDataOps Podcast Ep.3

Hosted by

Kent Graziano
Joe Reis - #TrueDataOps Podcast Ep.3
Joe Reis - #TrueDataOps Podcast Ep.3

Dec 15 2022 | 00:33:19


Show Notes

Episode 3 is here! Join the Co-Founder and CEO of Ternary Data. Professional data nerd. Dad. Patent holder. Occasional athlete. Joe Reis! Since 2002, Joe has helped companies become more intelligence-driven. Deep experience with all things data through analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning, data engineering, and software engineering. He also has extensive domain expertise in operations, supply chain, retail/e-commerce, and marketing.

Stay up to date with Joseph Reis and Ternary Data here!

- https://josephreis.com/

- Blogs - https://joereis.substack.com/

- https://www.ternarydata.com/


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